My father was a chef and ran a successful catering business along side his wife, called Southern Hospitality, in Los
Angeles, California. He had a passion for delivering the best quality food and hospitality to his clients. As a
child, I would often work with him on certain events. Over the years, I developed a love for seeing the
joy that quality food and service could bring to people in the community.  My father is no longer with us, 
but we are both still connected through our passion for good tasting food and exceptional service. So many vivid memories are
relived whenever I prepare some of my father’s favorite dishes for my son.

We started West Coast Wingz & Sliderz with the goal of bringing joy to people in our community through
food and service. Our mission at West Coast Wingz & Sliderz is to provide our customers with the best tasting chicken wings and sliders in the area. We aim to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy quality food and
outstanding service at an affordable price. Our menu consists of a variety of flavors, options, and ingredients that are sure to please every palate. Our goal is to bring our customers an unforgettable culinary experience every time they dine with us.
This community is special to me.  My son was born in this community, and my father started his
business many years ago in this community. We are grateful to have this opportunity to share our passion and story with you.

Owner & Founder, Chante' Gaspard